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Have you been searching for Garage Plans and finding sites that charge a pretty penny?

I know it can be exhausting searching for a plan for your new detached garage/apartment combo.  I have seen the many sites on the internet that offer hundreds of building plans and they can start to add up when ordering online.  At Affordable Building Concepts we provide our professional recommendations with helping you design just exactly what you are wanting out of your new garage. We make sure it will look like your expectations for your storage and living needs.  ABC’s sales team will do and onsite free consultation to assist you on bring that garage plan into reality.  I wanted to share one of our very happy garage clients and what they had to say!  We will help you through each and every step along the way!  

Customers in Lebanon Tn.

Darrell & Diane K.  Thursday, 8/9/18, 1:09 PM
Mike Mathis and his crew are professional and prompt. We decided to add a detached garage to our house and they did a A+ job from day one laying the foundation to making sure there was plenty of electricity for our needs. The finished product looks like it was part of the house from the beginning and we couldn’t take pictures fast enough to keep up with their progress. They even helped us put our initials in the concrete! I would recommend them for big or small construction projects.

Please ask for references we will be happy to connect you with several of our happy clients!

If you want a company that is professional and trustworthy, this is the company to call!

This is just one of our 2 story garages with an apartment space over the garage.  

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Recently Built carport Hartville Tn

22×30 aluminum carport all black

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Thinking of the Holidays? Shopping? Decorating? Think safety at all times!

Just a quick reminder, I was reading not too long ago about a story where people are leaving their garage door openers in their cars and bad guys are just letting themselves in the garage and on into your home with very little effort on their behalf!  This is becoming a “thing” to break into cars and take things that you will not notice maybe until it’s too late!  I just try to stress to everyone that leaving even a bank card by mistake in your center console can ruin your holidays so remember to never leave your garage door clicker in your cars and never leave important papers, cards etc.  The bad guys are very high tech these days and will sell your info to a foreign country in less than

adult automotives business cars

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10 mins!  Just a little bit of advice to keep in mind.  I know we all get in a hurry so just be mindful of your surroundings!  Happy prepping for the Christmas holiday and New Year!


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Turn your garage into a multitude of fun spaces for the family.

You’ll find at different times of the year that you’d like to be a bit more creative and throw a fun party but preferably want to have a the kids outside but not totally in the sun why not use your garage as a gathering space for the young ones to stay outside and enjoy the weather but, inside much like a patio.  Open up the ping pong table toss up a great table of fun foods and Thank your husband or wife for having this great garage built!  Today our garages have turned into more than just a garage for the cars and storage.  We find most families are utilizing their garages and spending  more time together than in their own living rooms on weekends and early evenings.  You will find simple garages to the more elaborate garages that double as extra living quarters for family and friends!  The great plus to this point in my blog is less clean up on the inside at the end of the day.  Play smarter and harder but most of all enjoy your family and friends !!


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Trees Bow to Bruce But We Are Cozy in Our Small Space — Elaine R Snyder

*Picture taken in Nelson, NH during winter storm. Winter storm “Bruce” has come and gone today in New Hampshire, and the trees of the woods are frosted white, bowing low to the ground with heavy, wet snow and ice. Ominous cracking sounds emit from the woods every once in a while, followed by a cascade […]

via Trees Bow to Bruce But We Are Cozy in Our Small Space — Elaine R Snyder

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Take a look at our newly completed screened in room in Wilson Co.

We re-worded the deck, added a nice set of stairs and added this beautiful screened in room attached with a W panel roof system with built in gutters and 2 downspouts. Great Idea to add a covered  space for your family and friends.




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Get your build scheduled before the snow and ice hit this winter! Our custom garages come with a concrete slab and many options to fit your needs! A total turn key if you wish or just as simple as you like, you’re the boss!! Contact us today!


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Stop wasting your hard earned cash on a storage facility you possibly access only a few times per year! Is it safe? Will your things be subjected to rodents, water damage or even broken into? With ABC it’s as easy as 123! We offer a FREE on-site no obligation estimate.



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Lumber Prices Climbing…BN-VY124_32Mty_J_20171102122236

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