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Making sure your Garage is weatherized for the winter!

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Weatherstrip garage door seal

You probably don’t think about your garage when you think about weatherization, but you definitely should. While it may be detached from the rest of the home, garages often have attic space or even living space above them. Sometimes they house water heaters and duct-work.

If either of those are true then it is important to your home performance that you make sure both the garage door that leads in from outside and the interior door that leads to the house from the garage are properly weather sealed and that the room has proper insulation in the ceiling and walls around the water heater and around the duct-work. This also applies to any windows that your garage may have. Garages are also susceptible to moisture leaks, much the same way that basements are, and that can move into the rest of the house, so sealing is key.

Older Garages are more susceptible to moisture more so then our newly built on site garages. we make sure the garages we build you are of course water tight and will not hold moisture.  At  you’ll find many different styles of custom built garages and Storage sheds, we do go the extra mile to make sure your new garage is not going to run your electric bills up with unprofessional  building, ABC Back Yard Builders are some of the best garage builders in Middle Tn.

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