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Knowing the differences when looking for a storage shed.

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I would like to take a few minutes to explain the differences between an all metal storage building and a wooden storage shed.

Sounds simple to know the differences, but don’t think so fast!

When you finally hit that point in your home that you’ll need to add more storage space and that day will come.  Maybe you’ll get rid of that extra stuff but, most likely that’s not happening as soon as you’d like.

There are 2 popular choices you may think of and one is a wooden storage shed the other is a metal storage shed?   Most of the time we start out wanting to weigh the price options then another big question is size do I have a level spot that’s adequate for a storage shed to be built onsite?  ABC will level your storage with concrete blocks, also ABC will come out to look at your spot to give you a free quote and determine just how many concrete blocks maybe needed to level the storage unit on your lot.

All Metal Storage Sheds

All metal storage sheds are not water tight to start with and the roof can be installed just perfect and you’ll still have condensation drops when the weather turns cold.  Metal roofs sweat and condensation will collect on the inside of the roof which will make it damp and tiny drops of water will fall on whatever is on the inside.

All metal garages / storage sheds are built with either 14ga or 12ga option square galvanized aluminum tubing which is 2.5 to 2.75″ the legs are 5ft OC and have metal carports or storage buildings can be wind rated with  restrictions up to 140 mph.  Metal buildings have a corner trim on the outside, but you will still see sun rays come in where the metal does not come together to form a tight seal which is not completely water tight and some people will need to spray foam in these spaces to keep  the bees and insects out.  The windows on a metal building are not insulated and no floor or foundation and you would need to pour concrete, a gravel pad or even asphalt for the install or if you chose you can sit it directly on the dirt/ground.  Now this type of metal building will be anchored to the ground, asphalt or gravel with 30″ re bar that is driven through pre-drilled holes along the bottom rails or if on concrete they will use 5” red head anchor bolts.  These types of metal sheds are just what they are “all metal sheds”.

Wooden Storage Sheds

When looking for an all wooden storage shed you have many options.  ABC can custom build a unit for you, so take look on our site at “Custom” under Storage sheds or you can choose from our standard sheds which you will see many styles here at

We can build on runners or if you’d like to have a concrete foundation poured we can quote you on that along with your unit.  ABC has a concrete crew that is excellent!  Our builders are a few of the best garage and storage builders in middle Tn! 

Roof options, shingled roof or a metal roof?   When we build an all wooden shed, we start with 4×4 runners that are notched in and not just nailed on to the floor joists which are 16” OC, smart panel is used for the walls and carries a 30-year life time manufactures warranty on the panels, not to chip, split, warp, this is not your grandfathers osb/particle board any longer that splits warps and chips!  We use 2×4’s for the framing that is 24″ OC, the floor is 3/4-inch plywood vs. 1/2-inch plywood for the floors like the Pre-built mass production  storage sheds.

We don’t just staple on the shingles without felt paper we roof it like the roof on your home also offering a 25-year shingle.   We do use an insulated vinyl window with screens, 2 vents on each end with screens to keep the insects out.  In the event, you’d like to insulate you won’t need to change out the windows first because we do think ahead!   We can custom build to fit your needs with many options!  One of our popular upgrades is a loft, 1 loft or 2 for extra storage utilizing all the space with a double loft also we can add shelving and work benches as an upgrade/option.  Check all the in’s and outs before you purchase a storage building!  ABC goes the extra mile!

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