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Turn your garage into a multitude of fun spaces for the family.

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You’ll find at different times of the year that you’d like to be a bit more creative and throw a fun party but preferably want to have a the kids outside but not totally in the sun why not use your garage as a gathering space for the young ones to stay outside and enjoy the weather but, inside much like a patio.  Open up the ping pong table toss up a great table of fun foods and Thank your husband or wife for having this great garage built!  Today our garages have turned into more than just a garage for the cars and storage.  We find most families are utilizing their garages and spending  more time together than in their own living rooms on weekends and early evenings.  You will find simple garages to the more elaborate garages that double as extra living quarters for family and friends!  The great plus to this point in my blog is less clean up on the inside at the end of the day.  Play smarter and harder but most of all enjoy your family and friends !!


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