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LP Smartside siding more impact resistant than fiber cement siding

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More Impact Resistant Than Fiber Cement

By LP SmartSide | February 16, 2018

To help prove the superior durability of LP® SmartSide® Siding, LP Building Products asked the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA®) to evaluate the impact damage resistance of LP SmartSide engineered wood strand siding and fiber cement siding.
Impact damage resistance was compared by impacting each type of siding with rocks, which could be thrown from a lawn mower, and golf balls and baseballs, which could accidentally hit the side of a house.

Summary of some key findings:
The NASA written evaluation stated, “The siding products were supported in a configuration representative of a normal installation.”



When hit by small rocks
Small rocks shot at LP SmartSide strand siding at 107 miles per hour barely left a mark. The same kinds of rocks visibly damaged fiber cement at an even slower speed.



When hit by a golf ball
A golf ball traveling at 63 miles per hour left no visible damage to LP SmartSide strand siding. A golf ball moving at less than 50 miles per hour visibly damaged fiber cement.



When hit by a baseball
LP SmartSide strand siding was hit by a baseball at 77 miles per hour and showed no visible damage. A slower-moving baseball put a hole in fiber cement.
Impress Homeowners With Advanced Durability
Make the switch to LP SmartSide siding in three simple steps – go to Ask about a first-time user rebate.
Comprehensive Warranty
LP SmartSide products are also backed by a 50-year prorated limited warranty with a 5-year 100-percent labor and material replacement warranty. See for complete warranty details.

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