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Garage build brings back days of old

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A customer of ours sent me some pictures of a garage we built recently . the idea was to re-create a old gas station. The garage was a 28×40 with 9ft walls, a 20×20 reverse gablecarport with a curbed area for pumps , we wired , did the drywall and trimmed ad even did a small office space. The finished product with his added touches is pretty amazingF49B336C-5D17-4456-8D53-544E343C71ADBD758931-0BA2-4FC3-889F-48A17C685D47FFFB3A29-C3CE-490F-9712-F18EDB570F5AD08ACB35-40F8-41EE-99AA-47E165241C00.JPGD4DC5317-1EEC-4141-B457-4E6A04563CB3.JPG72783136-D9D3-47F1-9166-96E32A1BC11D.JPG

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